Cop wouldn't wave...

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  1. Mavagrand

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    riding along, saw another scoot heading my way and, before I even thought about it out goes my left hand, dangling down in the classic biker wave. As we got close, I glanced over to check out his bike and noticed it was a police officer on a road king..caught him checking out my ride (you know we all do it) so I know he saw my wave...he didn't wave back.. REally annoyed me. I KNOW he saw the wave. I have to wonder if he didn't wave because he was an on duty cop in uniform. Maybe not..maybe he is one of those guys that believe in both hands on the bars...I dunno but it got all over me. Here's the kicker...I am a 17 year veteran of the sheriff's office here. Been a cop most of my adult life. I don't let my job define who I am, although I have to admit in my younger days I did, and I don't judge or pass judgement on those of different professions. anyway, dont know why it irritated me but it did. perhaps he was just preoccupied. anyway, for you biker cops out there..try not to be so cliqueish..that biker you shunned may be the biker down the road that stops to help you. rant over. ride safe.
  2. wildspirit97

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    If I see a cop on a bike I wave every time, just to see if they'll wave back. Around here they usually do. I was very surprised the first time I did it and got the return wave, so now I wave every time.
  3. All Nightster

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    I have never had a cop not nod or wave to me. I wave or nod to people every day that don't do the same back. Don't worry about it man.

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  4. toad451

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    The story around here is that if the cop is riding his bike, he is suppose to have both hands on the handlebars. I don't know if that is true or not, but that's what I've hear.

    My experience is that it depends on the cop. I had a cop on a motorcycle wave at me while he was stopped radaring cars for speed. Then the other day, two motorcycle cops, pulling people over for improper turns, just looked at me like I was dumb when I waved at them. My take, it's probably more dependant on the cop and his personality as to whether they wave or not. It's no different than other riders who won't wave or acknowledge your wave.
  5. twoup

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    Waving is getting mighty strenuous. Damn...there's a LOT of
    motorcycles on the road!

    Twoup (me an da wife)
  6. Fearless1

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    Gotta agree with you there when I was a young whippersnapper back in the seventies you didn't see to many bikes on the road so waving was not a chore (back then it was a raised left fist) but today with the price of gas it is a nonstop activity while riding. I have been thinking of stopping the wave and becomeing the bastage that don't wave back.:newsmile07:
  7. Dr. Dolittle

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    I try to wave or nod at everyone on a 2 wheeled ride, scooters included. They're out facing the same environment we are.

    Police officers sometimes acknowledge, sometimes don't. I don't get all upset if they don't. Heck, they could be talking on their radio or actually tailing someone - in other words, very busy doing their duty!
  8. theklanchXL1200N

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    If officer let go of the handlebar to wave at you, how could he hold his doughnut? I don't wave at cops cause I don't like them... I have NEVER had a single cop help me once, so sorry for the contempt. It seems like anytime a cop wants to talk to me it ends up costing me a ton of money, so I don't raise their attention by waving to them. Besides they shouldn't be socializing with bikers, they should be out fighting crime, and as I said it's kinda hard to fight crime and hold a doughnut and wave to you!
  9. Ladi Di

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    Hey guys, just thought I would add to this. I am new to HD and I love the wave, I think it is a respect think to bikers:D. I was traveling through Illinois and seen a bike on the side of the road so of course I was getting ready to pull over when I seen him getting back on his bike. So I got i the other lane of course I sped up to get over and what do ya know, it was a cop. He pulled me over for speeding and gave me a 75.00 ticket. Didn't hurt me though, if I ever see a biker on the side of the road I stop, I have been there and had a fellow HD stop and help.
  10. lannyw

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    Around here all the cops seem to wave. On bikes, in they're patrol cars etc. it doesn't seem to matter.

    Maybe its the Land Of OZ thing, or the fact that its that boring here. :)

    Who knows?:D