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    I've was on a huge charity ride last weekend,from THE SEVERN BRIDGE(near Bristol,England)to a small historic town called Chepstow(wales).There were many thousands of bikes on the ride,not all Harleys,and because of the volume of bikes,and the incompetency of the guys working traffic on a roundabout at the top of the town,there was a goodly bike jam of a couple of the roadside in the jam,were various types of bike with overheating problems,most notably,the water cooled variety,but a fair mix of types never the less.Our president was on his Heritage,and despite a smoking engine,and badly toasted thighs made it to the parking lot.Others riding with me,were also getting the smoking engine syndrome,and I had reports of oil temps well in excess of 250*!When I asked what oils they were useing,the vast majority had regular HD ,or syn 3,these all had the smoking problem,but to be fair,the syn 3 to a lesser but noticeable degree.My engine was very hot,but no smoke,and no "pinking"I use RED LINE,and after this NOTHING will make me change to anything else.It will be interesting to find out what kind of damage resulted in those motors.
    I also found out,that if you only ride 10,000 or less in a year,the manufacturers of RED LINE say you need not change your oil at all till the following year or 20,000 miles.RED LINE was tested to 150,000 miles,with excellent results.That being the case, good full synthetics,are definately the future,and only 1/2 as expensive as you think.(do the math!)
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    On an enclosed gearbox, maybe. But how can any company state ANY mileage figure when they don't know the condition of your rings or cylinder blow by.

    Depends on too many conditions to make such a claim. I believe they say that knowing no one will wait 10,000 miles to change their oil.
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    Guess youre right there,I wont be waiting any 10000 miles anyway.
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    I was over 250 degrees several times while caught in the unofficial parades at Biketoberfest. No smoke, pinging or any engine problems. I use either Mobil 1 or Spectro in the motor. Very interesting post - sometimes the anecdotal evidence is more convincing than scientific studies!
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    Well said Doc!
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    So you are telling me that even that their bikes started to smoke they kept on riding them? Why would anyone do that to their bike?
    More money than sense I guess?
    If my thighs started to burn my mom taught me to stop what I was doing. Sorry JMO
    I hope I am not breaking any rules by saying this?
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    Anyone that rides when the engine is smoking or pinging is just looking to burn it up and cause themselves headaches. It will take useful miles away from the life of the engine.
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    Shouldnt comon sense say there is something wrong here if its too hot smoking or making noise you bet i will want to know why and check for answers like here on this great forum
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    Does something happen to common sense during large group rides? I noticed that riders seem to behave differently when in large groups. Smoking motors, burning thighs, how many of us would continue on if we were riding by ourselves? Maybe this would make a good subject for a thread.

    Jack, you and I seem to be thinking along the same lines. Does some part of the brain shut down when we are in large groups? Do you want to start the thread or should we wait for Glider?
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    I would like to hear Gliders take on this as well, Thanks