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  1. thwart

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    I'm a brand new rider and HD owner. I attended a bike night and saw crazy custom Harley's. they were all so stretched out that I wasn't able to recognize a single model.

    So when these are custom Harley's, and not really appearing to have any semblance to a Harley, how can they be considered custom Harley's? What am I not getting? At this point it just looks like someone invented a brand new bike.
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    It has to do with the power plant and VIN number......

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    To me,,,, IF not totally built by HD off the showroom floor as a HD stock custom... Pretty Junk...

    Non HD's customs, but self-built, usually have the inners (motor and ? tranny of HD) and surrounded by a modified frame??? OR the other way around also...

    Personally, some of these bikes may be Nice to look at but Not for me.

    One looooong fancy custom took out a bikers leg and foot because he was Toooooo long to navigate a corner in Sturgis.... HIT on-comming bike.

    Smashed the other bikers foot totally INTO the primary case with his Custom Looooong built 160,000$$$ bike BUT it was signed by Jesse James.:(

    That biker, Bob, had an indy HD shop in Auburn Wa. some may remember him. New foot and all... Sad...

    I RIDE my bike, leaving the geometry alone... Not a bar-hopper either.

    My 09 FLHR is going on 70,000 miles, that says I ride my bikes. I do agree in Performance parts for my ride though:s... IT DOES giddy-up n Go...:D

    Looks of the stock HD with the usual little modifications like Most do to make it their bikes personal, sound and run good is okay in my book.

    Even fancy paint jobs with SKULLS like a Dep.Sheriff friend I ride with is great...
    BUT making a Loooong drawn out, 500$ to 180,000$ bike.. Never...

    My dad never had to worry about me Modifying his Pristine 51 Pan-Head into a chopper... Never happen...

    Old School and Proud to Be...

    some call it/me other things BUT not on this forum.:s

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    It's like putting a chevy engine and tranny on a go cart and calling it a chevrolet. JMO.
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    Welcome to The Forum and the world of Custom Harleys, That said you will be hard pressed to find BONE stock Harleys, but just because a bike has a Harley or after market V Twin power plant does not make it a Harley or increase the value JMO