Compensator problems.

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by dropdead, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. dropdead

    dropdead New Member

    2012 FLHTC with 22000 kilometers and rattling noise at 2200-2400 rpm. It really sounds like the compensator. Anyone out there with the same problem ?:(
  2. gusotto

    gusotto Junior Member

    Sometimes the nut/bolt comes loose but you'll have to pull the primary cover to check it.

    Been a lot of compensators replaced with the SE compensator (PN 40274-08A) but your bike should have it already as stock from the factory.

    I had it replaced on my '07 Ultra. $250 part and two hours labor.

    Even though that part should already be on your bike, Harley has yet another "better" SE compensator (PN 42200064) that is stock on the 2014 bikes.
    Better oiling.
    A new item for 2014.
    "Still chasing a problem?"

    If it is the compensator, not getting it repaired can eventually take out the starter drive. (Expensive).
    Usually noisy when the bike is hot and starting the bike and get a loud noise. Kind of a kick-back noise.
  3. Redfish-Joe

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    Mine knocked a little when first hitting an hill. Quit when I accelerated or decelerated. Found out the ramps were worn. Warranty replacement.