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    I have an 07 FLHTC with 45K. Within the past year the H-D dealer has diagnosed a loose compensator twice. Each time the mechanic told me he tightened the nut. The noise level was lessened but was still louder than I thought it should have been. I didn't quiz him as to what he specifically did. I figured he's the pro and did it correctly. It's been 4 months since the second fix and now the noise is back and as loud as ever. I haven't called the dealer for an appointment yet but I have talked to several people and have been given various advice: 1) weld the sprocket. 2) add a .003 " shim. 3) shave
    .003" off the nut. 3) install a SE compensator 4) install a shim as well as replacing the nut. 5) replace the other nut (mechanic). I know there is hundreds of years of experience among you guys and gals out there and am very interested to hear your opinions. I would like to go to the dealer with some valid discussion points rather than just dropping it off and hoping the third time does the trick.
    Thanks folks.
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    I had my whole clutch side replaced last summer, part of the problem was the compensator nut would not hold it's torque. At a minimum the nut has to be replaced, you might find more damage because of it like I did.
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    If you are not having any issues with the clutch nut, I would say SE compensator will fix your problem. FYI In 2011 all touring models come standered with the SE compensator. Obviously Harley quietly admitted to themselves there was a problem with the old compensator.
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    Why can't you just eliminate the compensator on all fuel injected models and go direct drive??
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    The compensator dampens the power pulses of the engine and makes for a smoother ride, as well as starting off. My Shovelhead is direct drive and there is a noticeable difference, especially at lower steady rpms.
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    As Breeze3at said it is a shock absorber for the transmission and helps prevent shock loading on the transmission components

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    I just installed the SE compensator and I cannot believe the difference. Way less noise and it takes off and accelerates so much better its almost like riding a different bike. No clunk when you kill it, no clunk when you put it in gear. I'm in love again!!:) Listen to the guys. They will not steer you wrong.
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    Vibration, if you have ever ridden an older model Sporster you would swear it was about to shake it self to death, combined with solid motor mounts to frame many did
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    I wouldn't take any chances,replace with the SE compensator
    HD is doing this on newer models for a reason