Comparing Exhaust Systems & HP Figures

Hi Mr. Data, not long back from Italy, and just getting back into the swing of things, next up was going to be an exhaust upgrade however, the 2007 engine looks as if it is a scary beast to modify. The nightrider site looks great, but I'm no spannerman so still need to seek good advice. I'd like to get a better rumble from the exhaust but not too loud along with a good look and some extra power. This throws up the nightrider comments regarding fitting stronger crankshaft bearings. Would appreciate your thoughts as you ride the same model as me. Cheers, Powerset.
I think in stock form with some added fuel the 96 runs pretty decent and I really don't wish to modify it any big amount for reliability. An exhaust upgrade for some is a very subjective matter based on how loud they want to go. Many have said the upgraded slipons from the dealer only give you a bit more rumble and not too loud while the Reinhardts and V&H ovals will give you significantly more rumble and noise. Couple this with some more fuel added to the mix and a stage 1 intake and you pick up about 10-12 HP and more torque also and the bike runs good without internal engine mods.
If you were to get into the cams, they are limited as far as who makes the cams for the 96 yet and also any upgrades when changing the cam would be a wise choice for longevity but I prefer to leave mine stock with just the TFI for fuel, stage one and the stock mufflers. I've been through the noise with different mufflers on previous bikes and enjoy the quiet cruising now. They do pick up a few DB when they break in any way.