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    Recently my 2002 TC95 had a front outboard cam bearing failure. I am certain that the gears will need replacing, the pump, lifters and all the bearings too. Maybe even the camplate. I like the cams themselves, they show no signs of abuse at all.

    I pulled the fuel pump fuse and the plugs, hooked my compression gauge up and got 190 on the front 185 on the rear in two identical dry tests. The theoretical benchmark is 201 per my build sheet. Before the failure the engine consumed 4 ounces of oil in 2,500 to 3,000 miles. I have to believe that most of that was consumed as vapor thru the intake as I have to wring out my air cleaner every couple thousand miles.

    Here is my plan for the upper end. I will raise the cylinders enough to expose the oil control set ever so slightly, then pick the circlip and slide the wrist pin out. I will prepare a bed of white towels on the bench and then using a pump-up sprayer I will flush the inside of the piston thru the oil control set and see what comes out. If near to nothing comes out as far as trash goes then I can reassemble with new seals and without disturbing the top 2 sets of rings or their "seating" in the piston/bore. I can also check a few other issues while the jugs are off.

    What do ya think?
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    If you had trash in your cam chest look close at the finish of the cylinder walls for any scoring
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