Color Matched Hard Bags for '09 RKC

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by john c, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. john c

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    I've got an '09 RKC, Deep Turquoise and Antique White. I want to buy hard bags and get them color-matched, not like an '09 Ultra with the same colors, but like the RKC color configuration. I guess Harley never made color-matched hard bags with the correct pin striping and all for this bike (dealer told me HD does when I bought the bike) because they say no part number exists. I thought HD custom painted stuff like this on order. I don't want Ultra hard bags because the striping and exact paint scheme won't match up right.

    If I had a Vivid Black bike it would be a non-issue, but two-tone's more of a hassle, I guess.

    I live in Sacramento Valley/ Bay Area. Any suggestions on best place to order hard bags and get 'em painted show quality like the rest of the bike?
  2. olskool

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    get them painted at a QUALITY body shop/painter that does side work...chose a painter/shop that are bike people...I have a least one set of tins/fairing/bags/trike being painted at any given time at my shop.

    just chose your shop/man carefully.....some are notorious for letting parts sit around.