Collapsed lifter?

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    2000 Heritage Softail,Carb. Put the bike away in the fall,ran great! Last week took it out to fuel it up.Started fine,not a tick. Rode to the gas station, filled up(premium of course) headed back home,then I heard a racket from the (sounded like)front rocker box. Pulled over checked oil level,fine.No external problems noted. Bike started right back up no real problem other than the noisy rocker box. Rode home gently,parked bike. After engine was cold restarted it and quiet as a church mouse...until engine oil was warmed then same noise! Have pulled rocker covers,looks fine. Pulled rockers off,look fine. pulled pushrods and tappets,they LOOK fine. Noise only when engine warm.No power loss in town riding. Winter before did adjuster shoe conversion(hydraulic slippers,oil pump,screaming eagle cam plate,andrews 21H cams) Consensus is bad lifter,but they seem fine. Ideas?
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    Did you change the oil after sitting for the winter? It is possible,being a carb. model,
    that gas drained into the oil and diluted it. You normally would of seen and increase in
    of oil in the oil tank if a lot of gas drained. Once motor hot then the lifter noise. That's where I'd start