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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by rw1050, Jul 30, 2012.

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    I have gone through the typical Code retrival process (jump pin 1 and 2 and watch the engine light blink).BTW the bike is a 2002 FLHTCI. I do not have a broken wire on the front injector. I have tested via wiggle test and the pin wring out test with my meter. The bike runs great. the 24 code just happened

    My question is when I look at the posts of what the error code is telling me I am trying to pinpoint which one I need to be tracing. My codes are 23 and 24 which ones do I chase. The list below shows 23 and 24 all over the place what is the difference?
    23 Current 14 ET sensor voltage low
    24 Current 14 ET sensor open/high
    27 Current 24 Front ignition coil open/low
    29 Current 24 Front ignition coil high/shorted
    31 Current 24 Front cylinder combustion intermittent
    33 Current 23 Front injector open/low
    35 Current 23 Front injector high
    46 Current 24 Front cylinder no combustion
    80 Historic 24 Front ignition coil open/low
    82 Historic 24 Front ignition coil high/shorted
    84 Historic 24 Front cylinder combustion intermittent
    86 Historic 23 Front injector open/low
    88 Historic 23 Front injector high
    99 Historic 24 Front cylinder no combustion
    100 Historic 34 Loss of idle speed control
    Any help would be great...
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    Looks like you may have a ignition problem in the front cylinder. Check out your plug wires, plugs, coil and ignition module. Also there have been issues with the main breaker going out and causing running issues, some members have been replacing the main breaker with a 40amp blade fuse. The only way that I know of to clear the codes without a scanalizer is to cycle the ignition 50 times, you may want to clear the codes and run the bike to see what codes come back up.
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    The built in diagnostics are not precise in saying what exactly is wrong. That just means a code of 24 could mean 1 of several possibilities. It could mean the primary side (front) of coil is open or shorted,,,,no combustion was sensed via ion-sense,,,current flow was too great or not enough in the primary side of front coil,,,, plug wire was open etc etc.

    Like Ironmark says,, there is no easy way to clear codes. At least no sure fire way for years/models that have MM engine management system.