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    I know this has been beat to death but still alittle confused (must have been caused by the 60's and 70's) On adjusting clutch on 09 Heritage I know that bike must be cold but is it best to have it on a jack? Where should the hand clutch start grapping when releasing it?

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    I can do all MY adjusting to the clutch and cable on the side stand...

    After loosening the cable at the Adjustor in the cable housing,,, I loosen the center nut on clutch pack lock then with allen wrench LONG Length into the center bolt, using Finger tight ONLY turning to touch solid,,,,,Then turn OUT (left=loosen) exactly 1/2 turn From the touching position and Hold it carefully there and lock the jamb nut...
    Then out ward on the cable adjustor also I squeeze clutch handle a few times to set the balls in the tranny while the cable is coming tight...

    I use the 1/16" at the clutch handle and also check cable for "not too tight" at Lock to Lock on handlebars....

    I like to use the FULL adjustment of the clutch and cable like I set it above For Full separation of the clutch plates.... A LONG pull on the clutch handle Starting to disengage very close to the start of the clutch pull at the handle and starts to grab way out also...

    This adjustment allows for the Most Separation of the clutch plates and usually better shifting along with no clunk into Low**...

    **IF you squeeze clutch handle inward and Hold for several seconds Before you shift to low....... I find Most of the time, I can Hear the clutch pack stop,,, Then I can go to low Without the Clunk...

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    Excellent job Bubbie. You always include the reasons Why to do it a certain way.......That's the real learning part.