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  1. Gus the Rat

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    yeah, your least favorite nOOb is back with more annoying questions...

    so this shovelhead i got...i have been working on it....and i notice that the clutch is pretty stiff to pull on...this could be normal as i dont really have anything else to compare to.

    i have been a geek for most of my life and typing is almost a daily thing, also for about 6 years i was an over the road truck driver and because of these two activities, my hands are about shot with carple tunnel (or however you spell that) and my grip on my left hand is significantly lower then what it should be.

    is there a way to loosen that clutch handle? or is there such a thing as a low resistance clutch handle that i should look into?

    orrr should i get my hands surgically fixed before i try to ride?

    (ape hangers have to go due to the fact that my hands fall asleep quickly when raised above my heart)
  2. ultrat

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    Well the arm coming out of top of transmission needs to be 1/2 inch away from starter i believe. Barnett makes a low friction cable. & the clutch springs no tighter than needed to stop clutch slippage. my thoughts + there was a device u put on clutch lever a multiplier i remember i replaced the spring inside one. it was on a 83 fl ,,they may still be available
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Try a new cable first. Sounds like you may have a dry or binding cable
  4. Gus the Rat

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    ah, so its not suposed to feel like the amount of force to crush a beer can....

    ...heh...good to know ;)
  5. harvey13118

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    Not sure about the condition of your cable. But here's what I did. Loosen cable and remove from clutch lever have cable pointed up and use a good lube and keep dripping in the top let set and do it again several times.

    I used ZEP2000 it has good friction reducers and very light weight lub.
  6. Hoople

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    That ZEP2000 is really Great stuff. Awesome product.
  7. Breeze3at

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    Gus; Do a google search for "e-z pull clutch lever". There are at least 2 different kinds. One goes in the transmission end, and the other goes right on the clutch lever perch. I have seen both in use, and both seem to work well.
    One of the previous posts mentioned not having the clutch springs too tight.
    That is a very common problem, and requires a bit of effort to find out, but is worth it.
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  8. glider

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    My experiences with the unit that mounts on the bars is that it requires a bit MORE to pull the lever in until the unit reaches the half way point so the spring inside can take over from there.

    The units on the trans are your best bet IMO.