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    I have a '96 Road King. I bought it in '03 with 7,000 miles on it. I put on Screamin eagle heads,woods w6 cam Rhinehart true duals. Mikuni HSR42 carb a screamin eagle ign. module.Now I have 20,000 on it and I had some rattling coming out of the primary. So decided to put a new clutch in. I went to my local bike shop that I trust. I have known the guys for years. They recommended putting the Alto Carbonite clutches in. Well I did and the old spring plate was loose and the original steel plates were burnt. I put in the new discs and now if I decide to pop the clutch it slips and sound like a loose belt slipping. I took it over to my buddy who is a Harley mech. and we took everything apart and everything was put in by me correctly. He set the adjustment on the clutch and it still does it. We even put a heavier spring from brute in and it doesnt help. I am running Amsoil 10/40w in my primary which a tech guy at Alto says isn't the problem. They are sending me a new set which makes me wonder. The slipping only occurs upon start up out of first. When shifting through the gears there is no slipping and also if I down shift no slipping. ANY IDEAS????
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    Couple of quickies:

    1. Do you still have a mechanical clutch, or is it hydraulic?

    2. How are you adjusting the clutch (procedures)?

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    Its a mechanical clutch. Adjusting by the book. Loosen cable adjuster all the way. Undo lock nut turn set screw in until touches back out 1/2 turn and then adjust cable until 1/8 inch of free play.
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    What size allen key for the set screw?
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    "original steel plates were burnt"

    Were these replaced ?

    These were instructions for a Buell. I would think they would also apply to yours.

    IMPORTANT!! Always presoak the friction plates in RED LINE ATF or equivalent.

    The friction material should face the back of the drum. Start with an externally splined friction plate with the lining facing down and the steel side facing up followed by an internally splined friction plate with the lining facing down and the steel side up. Continue this process making sure each time a plate is installed that you only see the steel side. The last plate to be installed will be the double-sided friction plate. Reinstall the pressure plate and spring. Finish by adding lubricant.
    Once installation is finished ride the motorcycle two or three times to make your final adjustments.
    Sometimes it is normal to hear a swooshing sound on break in.
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