Clutch Plate Replacement Question

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by dangerdan, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. dangerdan

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    This year I have to replace the Primary chain (Stretched). Since I have to remove the clutch pack, I figure why not replace the 8 friction and steel rings in the clutch.

    I went to the Barnett site and this is what it says.

    Clutch kit
    Consists of 8 frictions and 6 steel plates. NOTE: You must re-use the OEM double steel spring plate. .

    I checked my manual and do not see anything that mentions "double steel spring plate"

    Are they talking about the spring plate that is in the middle of the friction and steel rings ?
  2. TQuentin1

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    Here is the schematic for the clutch basket assy on your bike:

    CLUTCH CONTROL - 1995 Harley Davidson FLHTC

    The "clutch spring plate" is item #22 on the drawing. You probably do not get that in the friction disc/clutch plate (#21/19) kit and reuse the one in the basket now.

    I am sure you know this, but you need a compression tool to unload the spring (#11) pressure BEFORE attempting to remove the snap ring (#17). Wear safety glasses!

  3. dangerdan

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    Thanks TQ , thats what I thought it was.
  4. Romain

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    My bike is a 2007 Sporty with a wet clutch and my clutch is starting to slip a little, specially starting hard at the lights two up.
    I have adjusted the cable and the free play a couple of months back and it was OK for a while but I think that maybe now it's time for something more drastic, like a new set of plates.
    Apart from the satisfaction of doing it and the economic benefit, is it something that I should do myself or should I entrust a professional mechanic specially as I will have to buy the forcing screw and the spring compressing tool?
    (I am pretty handy with the spanner on my cage, not so much on the bike.)
    Providing that there is no warping, should I just replace the fiber plates or do I need to replace the whole set and is it worth considering a performance clutch?