Clutch Hub Puller for 1990 FXST

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by BigAl66, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Slo-Ryd

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    Hey Gang,
    Looking to tear into my primary to remove it and get to what I believe is a tranny sprocket shaft leak. I'm hoping it's just the outer seal and quad seal behind the spacer.
    I've been trying to find a clutch hub puller on ebay and google but can't seem to find one for my 1990 Softail 5 speed. Saw a few swivel types with the plate but they say they fit up to 1984.

    Any tricks or suggestions for a homebrew way to get it off?

    Hate to spend $$$ on something I may never use again but will if I hafta.
  2. dbmg

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    What about a renting a puller from a local tool rental facility???
  3. tourbox

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    In looking at the manual for a 1990 FLT/FXR, it looks like your clutch hub is splined and should just slip off like later models(should be the same on a soft tail). There is a snap ring,in center of clutch,to remove and then the release plate pulls out.Behind that is the nut,left handed threads,that you remove. The clutch should then slip off the tranny shaft. Hope this helps
  4. steve saunders

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    Ive had a few that were a little stuck but never had to muse a puller. maybe a little bump with a pry bar
  5. HDDon

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    The last two posters have you covered. I have a 94FLSTC and had the primary off a couple of times. No puller needed, but you may have to bump it with a rubber mallet. Remember the nut is a left hand thread!!! You will also want to add the upgraded pulley kit from Harley.
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  6. Slo-Ryd

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    Thanks FSM says one is needed but I didn't think so since they went to the splined shafts starting in 1990. Strange that Jim's sell one claiming for 36-90 Big Twins.

    I had done an older 84 and 88 and those needed one due to the taperer shaft with the keyway. Rented one from a local indy that went outta business. Too bad, he was an awesome motor builder here in town and did my motor a few years ago and lent specialty tools for a small fee.

    Tearing it down this weekend and didn't want to get stuck looking for one at the last minute. Also a video on youtube showed someone taking one apart on a 95 and he simply put his fingers behind it and rocked it out with the chain and compensator as a unit.
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    on >1990 FXST, the clutch basket is removed as an assembly. You then have to utilize the tool to compress the basket and disassemble it. I made up a tool out of a brass "pipe"....maybe 4" diameter? ...then made a crossbar and compressed. If you need more info, I can check to see if I still have it around and take some dimensions. But if your doing the tranny seal, you won't have to disassemble the clutch basket.....
    I'll probably be using it again soon since the Barnett clutch (10+yrs old) is acting up and it may be that time again!

    I also had to do the tranny seal about 15yrs ago on the 1990 FXST......the small pulley nut backed off and allowed the main pulley nut to start loosening.....change it quickly, because if the pulley is loose, it'll start carving out a gouge in the tranny!
    good luck.....DLPETRO - nextdoor neighbor in Farmington-CT
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    Howdy neighbor :D

    That post by me is a year and a half old and the Softail just got sold to a friend in Norway..........I've gone to the bagger world:s