Clutch cable rubbed hole threw rear brake line

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 03ultra45385, Aug 23, 2014.

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    03 ULTRA 120k miles. After parking the bike in the driveway I noticed a liquid dripping from the front right side of the bike. Turns out it is brake fluid from the steel brake line. The clutch cable has worn threw the smurf tube that the factory installs to protect that area of the brake line for awhile. Awhile just ran out. After doing some research I have learned a few things.
    a. Looks like this brake line is the same for all 2000 - 04's then was modified.
    b. 00 - 07 use the same basic line.
    c. It would be a good idea to check for any wear or contact between the clutch cable and the rear brake line.
    d. From the few discussions I have been able to find, bending the brake line is not the best answer. How and where the clutch cable is strapped to the frame seems to control where the cable rubs or not rubs the brake line.
    e. If it is rubbing you will see a large hole worn in the smurf tube. Slip the tube down or completely off and check the line for wear. Try re-positioning the tube so it will continue to protect the brake line and try re-strapping the clutch cable to re-positioning the clutch cable enough to clear the brake line.
    I am curious how other models have this potential problem. There maybe something better to protect the line than the thin corrugated plastic tubing.
    A new line is $170 plus tax and labor if you have a mechanic change it. And it is something you don't want to discover during a hard stop.
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    On my Road King the two cables are a safe distance apart. I just replaced all my brake lines. Where the rubber part is attached too the steel part, there is a metal crimp. Mine rusted all the way through.
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    Same thing happened to my 2004 Road King Custom earlier this year. The line now has a compression fitting where the cable rubs it. It took 10 years to rub through the line, we will see how many years it takes to rub through a fitting. :)