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    This might sound like a silly question to alot of you experienced mechanics. Today I was attempting to adjust my clutch pack for the first time. I have read all the info on this site about how to perform the adjustment. When I went to loosen the locknut on the clutch adjustment screw instead of the locknut loosening the clutch rotated. I think the engine actually began to turn over. Not sure but I know something was moving. I just stopped right there and was scared to go further. I also attempted to hold the screw with an allen wrench while I loosened the locknut but I couldn't get my wrench flush on the locknut and was woried about stripping it. First of all did I possibly damage something when the clutch turned? Is there an easier way to break it free or do I just stick the socket on and keep turning.
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    Put it in gear first, no problems with it spinning then.:s
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    Glider and Smitty have you covered on the bike being in gear.

    As far as tools go, I went to Harbor Freight and got a set of sockets made by Pittsburgh that go on the lock nut but are hollow and allow you to insert the allen straight through the socket and into the clutch adjustment screw. Can't remember exactly what they're called but they work like a charm!
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    Thanks for the help guys and the quick replies. The bike was actually in first gear and it still seemed to be turning the motor. When I put it into a higher gear it finally popped loose and the rest of the procedure was a snap. I think the tech that worked on it last time just had it extra tight.