clunk or clink on upshift

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by Colt.45, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. Colt.45

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    Hey all
    I have a transmission question. I am new to H.D. and always had metrics so please bear with me. I ride an "08" Rockerand am wondering if the sound mine makes when upshifting is normal? When upshifting to 2nd,3rd,4th etc. I can feel and hear it clunk into grind,squeal or anything like that just a solid clink/clunk sound. It actually seems louder upshifting than down shifting. Bike does not creep in gear with clutch in, does not lurch forward when shifting into 1st. from neutral.I adjusted the clutch per the Bubbie method and it feels great. Just this normal?
    As usual...Thank you............Colt.45
  2. dbmg

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    You are now riding a Harley....... Normal..:s
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    This is one time the saying they all do that is fairly accurate

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    I just recently came from a Honda, and this is my first Harley too. I can tell you both the shifting and the valves especially are much louder. The valve thing scared me at first until I did a google-search. Found out quick enough it is par for the course on a Harley.
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    Its all the charm and character of owning a Harley. These are a couple of reasons Harley's are so unique..
  6. atm33

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    agreed. No complaints. Just had to hear it was normal so I didn't go crazy thinking something was wrong.
  7. Jack Klarich

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    The constant mesh transmission has ALWAYS been and will ALWAYS be a noisy one unlike cars with synchros, at best a better grade of fluid should tame it down a bit JMO
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    Yes, it is fairly normal.

    But there are a few things that can be done to noticeably reduce the noise. Premium grade synthetic fluids with separate fluid for engine, tranny and primary. This is what I use:

    Generic fluid recommendations

    Engine: FULL synthetic 20W50 VTwin engine oil
    Tranny: FULL synthetic 75W140 GL-5 gear lube
    Primary: Fit-for-purpose chaincase/wet clutch lubricant (like HD Formula + or Spectro Primary, Redline Primary, etc.)

    Additionally, I have installed a Hayden M6 Primary Chain Tensioner. This puts more consistent tension on the primary chain which I find helps with the clunking.

    All these suggestions are well within the realm of most DIYers. So change out the fluids as per above and check out a different primary chain tensioner system.

    See if that quiets down the shifting.


  9. Colt.45

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    Thanks to you all that responded, we new to Harley riders sometimes need a little reassurance that all is well I guess........


    I am running Red Line Shock Proof Heavy in the Trannie and Red Line Primary oil in that hole. I am still running H.D. Syn 3 in the motor as I have 7 more free oil changes left between winterizations, services and reg. oil changes.
    I might have to look into the Hayden M6.
  10. BUBBIE

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    Many will tell you, (ME) that YOU are using the finest lubes offered for our HD Bikes. Redline :newsmile03:

    The clunk is Normal noise Our tranny's make during the changing of gears.(BIG GEARS in constant mess with Heavy Slide n Lock (dogs) make that Noise...

    Time and your getting More Used to your ride will Improve the shifting and lessen the Normal noise...

    Give it some time.:60:


    By the Way: I have 93,000 Original miles on my HD Stock adjuster, using MTL or Primary lube by redline (same product)