Close call today!!

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    Today had a good scare and it happened so quick, was still shaking hours later I was so mad. Today on my way to work, was riding in the left lane in moderate traffic which is normal for this road ( I always stay in this lane as no bumps and I eventually need to turn left off of it). The traffic speeds up and slows down due to all the traffic cutting in and out, turning etc. Came around a curve which has an intersection a little ways down the road and then it starts curving up a small incline, I saw up ahead an 18 wheeler in the right lane so I already was thinking about the cars behind it pulling out to get away from the 18wheeler, plus I looking at the cars in front me and too my left side as a turning lane was opening up for traffic to turn left. The car on my right was keeping pace with me as we were locked in with the flow of traffic. Everything was normal as usual, then I hear the car behind me beeping its horn and glance to my right mirror but saw the car on my right was moving into my lane very slowly (I was a little forward of her drivers window), the lady was pushing me into the left hand turn lane into the traffic coming up from behind me, I jerked my bike to the left and started hitting the brakes. Basically she was squeezing me into the other lane and traffic, all the time the cars behind us were beeping their horns, the intersection was upon us and on the other side of the intersection was a concrete medium facing me, I was able to slow down enough and she squeezed by and we missed side swiping by inches and I avoided the medium. Needless to say it gave me a good scare. She was then in front of me. I honestly felt that she just used her vehicle to push me out of her way so she could go around the 18 wheeler. Luckily there is another intersection about 200 yrds away and the light had turned red, I pulled up next to her on her drivers side window and she rolled down the window and she said said she didnt see me. Anyway I went off, I let her know ezactly what I thought of her and her driving. The guy behind me who had been been beeping his horn had left an opening for me to back into once I finished voicing my opinion to her. I need too buy that guy a beer as he knew ezactly what was going on. Needless to say got to work and could not concentrate at all.. still had the shakes 3 hours later at work and took a sick day for the rest of my shift. Now after some time to think about it, some things that bothers me is.. I was not able to hit the horn as soon as I saw the problem my first instinct was move away then hit the horn, also was I wrong for yelling at her at the next intersection?? this all happened so quickly just wondering what I could have done better. My wife thought I should have got her tag number and called the police. Whats your thoughts, all opinions welcomed.
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    Glad your OK!!! Little old lady didn't see you and she said she was sorry is one thing. Some beanhead that does that and laughs or worse, I'll agree with your wife, get plate number and press charges. Every situation is different but you could get killed in either one! Once again, glad your OK!!!
    Ride Safe!!!
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    Glad you're OK to ride another day & I don't really think there's enough time to concentrate about anything but survival in these cases. Afterwards there's always the "woulda, coulda, shoulda" syndrome, but as long as you avoided mishap - all is well & chalked up to experience. Like Tank - I'll motor around someone afterward & give the "what's up w/that" gesture(s) so they think about it next time.

    Some people never learn, but we can at least point our their driving faults...:newsmile055:
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    Ooh man, that sounds ominous. So glad you were not pinned or worse. Thank God for the Horn beeper behind you. You did right with riding first and horn later. The horn ain't gonna do no good for someone of that mentality.

    As far as yelling at her, no tellun whether it did any good or just shook her up. Some folks drive like they are brain dead (all ages).

    I think it's natural for you to yell at her, hopefully she will take it to heart and learn from it. Brain dead states are dangerous and need to be woken up. Not saying she was evil or diabolical (like some are) but some folks just drive in a stupor on the road.

    Again glad you're ok, ALWAYS trust you riding instincts first, sort out the rest later.
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    Glad you are ok the nerves will calm down.fortunatly you learned to drive defensivly.At least she wasn't talking on her phone or doing her make-up whille she was driving I see that a lot.As far as saying something to her it made you feel better but unfortunatly she has probably already forgotten.It needs to go back to our learning system Drivers Education is not teaching the way it used to all they teach now is how to operate the vehicle not good driving methods.Heck the instructor here does not even tell the students about school buss's and what their red lights mean.
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    Gllad you are OK. Could have ended much worse. Concentrating on your situation paid off. Iagree with the others the horn is secondary must focus on survival first. Yelling at the cage helped you vent some anxiety and hopefully it will help her see you or any of us the next time.

    Keep the Dirty side down, Ride Safe

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    Wow...another "food for thought" moment. No kidding, just saw story on AM news here in Omaha about biker who was "gesturing" @ car & accidentally ras off road (not by car). Here's the story: Motorcyclist Dead In Apparent Road-Rage Incident - Video - KETV Omaha

    Makes me think "twice" about even attempting to notify cage(s) of their wrong-doing. Sad deal...
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    Glad you escaped! Been there and done that, too. It is amazing that you can find everythig but the horn button in a time like that! I think that I must attract these kind of drivers. It seems I run into these kind all of the time. It is so common around here that you have to analyze drivers around you before you try and make any move on the roads. Are they using a cell phone? Do they have their hands at 10 & 2 and leaning forward as to see over the dashboard? Are they extremely short? Do they look like they are sleeping leaning on one arm? Are they older than me?(I can't just say old anymore!) Do they look like they are sleeping and leaning against the driver door? There are many other things that I look for. I guess what this says is that "tunnel vision" from all of these kind of drivers is the biggest reason they drive like they do. NO EXCUSES, and I still feel like physically teaching them a lesson, the verbal part they can't hear and if you do stop them and do anything, then you set yourself up for Road Rage, but as Tank says, it doesn't do any good. They will continue to do the same day after day and go on their merry way. I guess I try and make sure they do see me or know that I am there before something happens if I notice one or more of my points above. It does work, most of the time. There are still the ones that just refuse to pay attention and or just don't care that I run into from time to time.
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    I think you handle the situation quite fine. You took some evasive action to avoid situation and your experience has taught you how to handle it and not commit a secondary accident after avoiding the intrusion. You stayed upright and the driver behind you, cared for motorcyclists and made room for you to get back in lane. So all and all it sounds as though things worked out perfectly. Now you know if you are in a similar situation, you will not ride along side another vehicle and back off to let that vehicle have space in front of you. As to yelling at Lady that is a normal reaction. I might not have yelled and just let her know what she has done wrong. She probably just did not see you as you were at the front of car and when she looked in mirror she did not see you and unaware of environment made her move thinking lane was clear. Sooo change your shorts, congratulate your self on a job well done and get out there and ride.....:)
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    What a close call, glad you got through it unscathed.

    I think in said situation the horn is somewhat useless, no time to fool with it, it's better to concentrate on getting out alive.

    I don't yell or make gestures at stupid drivers anymore, you just never know what may be on their brain. Had a guy change lanes as I was pulling out into traffic, no blinker nothing, I made a hand jesture, he went ballistic and chased me about 1/2 mile, with his passenger making a bunch of hand jestures in return. I though they were going postal, perhaps I incited the incident, so I just shake my head now and think of how stupid these drivers are!