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    The girlfriend and I were riding home lastnight from a local bike night about dusk. We live out in the sticks and we coming through a set of S curves not far from home. Half way through a deer comes busting (EDIT) across the road right in front of my girlfriend. I was thinking (EDIT) this ain't good. But she stood her bike back up as she was in the center of the curve and hit both brakes, keeping her straight and not locking them up. She hit the back end of the deer but didn't go down. The deer ran off and she regained her composure and checked her shorts It did ding the front fender a little. I was relieved that she was ok and told her that she did a (EDIT) of job handling her bike. ( lil sporty) and getting her slowed down and stopped. She just looked at me and says , I am glad I rode sporty tonight and not her Fatboy. As stated above we live out in the sticks and are always looking for deer, but this came from outa nowhere. Just thought I would share

    Please read and understand the info in this link...
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  2. glazier

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    Glad everything turned out alright.
    Enjoy your "vacation" time :D
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    Now that the real summer is here, we will see more dear along the forested highways. Keep your head on a pivot and ride safe. Tell your wife she did excellent, and so did you.
  4. 01dynaglide

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    Glad it turned out good. Good job of her handling the bike.
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    Glad she is alright the fender can be fixed easy enough
  6. Dswartz

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    Sounds like she's had some riders training. Standing the bike up in a curve prior to braking is one of the things they stress in the riders safety courses. Whether she learned it on her own or in a training environment I'm glad it worked out for her. A fender is a minor fix compared to broken bones.
  7. SportyHawg

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    That's "white knuckle" driving. Good for her. Glad you guys are okay.
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    Very cool thinking lady. Darn good job!!!
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    I had what you could call a close one Wednesday night too. It was a full moon, so you never know what to expect anyways.
    I work nights and get off about 12:30-1 am and I was heading home and there is a hairpin right hand turn I turn on about a mile from work. I see this car coming from the opposite direction and I put on my right side turn signal. I turn my head a lot to the right to help get around that more than 90 deg turn, the next thing I know the car is right next to me right in the middle of the turn. Drunk probably, because he passed me up and stood on it. The car was ahead of me and pulling away when I looked and was doing 60. Two vehicles making a turn at the same time is never a good thing and I am glad nothing came of it, but I noticed tonight I was prepared to slow down if a car was coming opposite and just let it turn first. No other car though, but I guess you have to be on your toes to any strange stunt or animal jumping out from the side too. I am glad your girlfriend was OK, but it could have been real bad.
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    Deer are bad in my area so I am extra careful but they come from no where. It like they pop up out of the road at times.