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Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Product Review' started by flipper, Sep 2, 2011.

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    I was going to design one of these and market it and become a millionaire, but HD beat me to it. I bought one of theirs and took it for a test ride today. The design is very simple and I certainly don't think that it cost to manufacture half the amount I paid, but it was comfortable and did a great job. We rode for about 2 hours in the heat and humidity and my back never got sweaty or sticky like it normally does. I never noticed the addition to the backrest because of the low profile. I do recommend it.
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    I saw this product at the dealership the other day and thought it was too pricey for me. But if it works as well as you say i may have to reconsider.
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    I bought the rider and passenger seat circulators and they work great -- didn't know about the back rest pad -- guess I'll have to fork out the big bucks again and get one