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Discussion in 'Wheels' started by lxbquik, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. lxbquik

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    Has anyone had any wheels chromed and know how good of job they do. EBay has company Chrome Pros Plating that will do exchange. Wheels are going on 2007 Fatboy. Just want to have stock wheels chromed and know if they will do good job. Any oher companies anyone recomends. Thanks.
  2. rancid

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    id want to see other wheels before i would even think about it, all the wheel chroming ive seen hasnt been good, good finish on the wheels but not on the bearing bores, damage from pickling, chrome in the bores etc, its not a good thing. better to get genuine chrome and sell the stock ones.
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    I saw a bike in a diner a ways back with chrome wheels I talked to the owner and he told me chrome pros did his wheels, and he was happy with them, they looked really nice, I thought they did nice work, I looked them up on the internet and they advertise they grind them smooth and then chrome them. I called Harley dealer up to find out about installing if I went this route they didnt want to quote a price for installing them on the bike, they were worried if not oem additional time would be required to install for proper spacing etc they said they would quote me a price and then go by the hour if additional time was needed to make the fit right,sort of scared me off, however chrome pros claim they take your wheels and send you back a pair of oem wheels to fit your bike. .:hii

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    Wayne, are you saying that they do not chrome YOUR wheels but send you an "equivalent" set of wheels back? That would worry me a bit, as HD wheels all "look" similar, but some have subtle differences; which gave the HD dealer justification. Find out if they will do YOUR wheels, even if they take a bit longer to assure compatiblity.
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    They say they will chrome your wheels if you want them to, you ship out your wheels to them they chrome them and ship them back, the only problem I saw with that was, I was gonna have the dealer do the work, and the bike would be laid up at the dealer waiting for however long the process took, their plan was they send you a set of oem chromed wheels that fit your bike, , the wheels then get installed with no down time on your bike and you ship your old wheels back in their shipping cartons basically a core exchange. If I had went with the first plan to have them chrome my own wheels and return them to me I was planning to engrave the inside of my rims with some kind of distuinguishing mark so I would know I definitely got mine back, just a suggestion. :rider
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    I would never do a chrome exchange, never know what you will end up with, I would just send them to a reputable chrome shop and deal with the wait. Better to be safe than sorry in my opinion. Also, to chrome wheels is not that cheap and if it is something is wrong.