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    hello peeps
    My sister named me Chopper becuze my first build wus a chopper so there u have it.
    don't worry bout the penmanship id rather be wrenching than typing.
    avid builder and owner of my own shop, started doing bikes in 96. first bike wusa Jap one then I got the HD's. currently have five,,, 4 for me and one for my chick. I live in the big country of Texas in the plains, I've been wrenching, painting, building, welding , fabricating etc....u name it I did it,
    if it had a motor I've been tinkering in it mostly American.
    Hotrods, low-riders, boats etc...
    any ways I like bikes and bikes like me. Right now I have about 30 of them sitting in my shop. I wrench alone because nobody takes the time to do it the right way, if I cant finger it out then its time to learn how. ive tried to get somebody to help, but they don't have the time and patience I do.. all I can tell u is I live breath and eat bikes HD's. and will make this my sole way of making a living till I can get my grandson to tech school.. he's only five but he loves um too. we adopted him since he wus 3 days old and has been around the old man ever since. Bugging the stuffing outta me.... with this " popo what is this?'' and what does that do? and what are those for". My reputation is what brings people back to me over and over.... any way if I can help anybody with some advice I will be more than happy to help.. as we are all brothers in this werld of bikers and men( and wemen).. like I said don't worry bout my penmanship... I wrench for a living I don't write for a living "CHOPPER"
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    Welcome to The Forum
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    Welcome!!!!! Can't wait to read more of your posts! Don't b a stranger now.
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    Welcome to the forum.:cheers
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    Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you.
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    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
    From Central Florida.