Chirp/No Chirp Smart Siren Differences


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After a few weeks working on this issue with our member "joyflyin" about why she had no chirp on a recent installation of the optional siren in her alarm system in her 05 Deuce, there's finally an answer to the mystery.

There are TWO sirens available for the HD security system and
the part numbers are the same except for the last 2 digits.
The smart siren II is the one that does have an audible chirp when setting and disarming the system, while the smart siren does not.

After the installation, it may take a while before the sirens internal battery gets a charge from the bikes battery system.

68328-02 (doesn't chirp)

68328-06 (smart siren II does chirp).
Another difference is that the smart siren II will have the antenna on it.

Both of these units will work in the alarm systems but with different results.

You could also try this procedure for the button less alarms (smart fob) Some have had some luck with getting this to work.

Alarm Chirp Mode (smart FOB)
The new late model button less smart fobs are capable of changing the chirp mode to a silent mode. Even when armed in the chirp less mode, the siren still chirps warnings on movement and will activate the alarm through all alarm cycles.

To do this cycle quickly through arming and disarming twice, this will switch the system from either chirp less or the chirp mode to it's opposite mode.

1. With the fob present, the ignition key ON and the system disarmed, turn the ignition OFF.

2. When the system arms (2 flashes of the turn signals) immediately turn the ignition switch back ON.

3. When the system disarms, ( 1 flash of the turn signals) immediately turn the ignition switch OFF.

4. When the system arms (2 flashes of the turn signals) immediately turn the ignition switch ON and wait for the system to arm.
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Re: Chirp/No Chirp Smart Sirens

I have the chirping siren and it goes off when disconnecting the battery. I have been told you can disconnect it quietly by pulling the maxi-fuse right after turning off the key.

I have not done it because it the H-D battery charger lead fits my Schumacher battery tender.
Re: Chirp/No Chirp Smart Sirens

Thanks a million Mr. Data. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can just accept things without knowing 'why'.....Persistence pays off & we all get a little smarter down the road.:D
Re: Chirp/No Chirp Smart Sirens

Any time Joy. I always say the mind works better if you challenge it.

Glad it turned out OK.
Re: Chirp/No Chirp Smart Siren Differences - resolved!

THANKS! Been struggling with the chirp on/off, but all the instructions I found was for the smart fob. Your input solved my problem. Again, thanks!
Had the alarm system installed on my '04 Classic and was told it would not chirp. I made sure it was disarmed, then turned ignition on/off three times. Then I armed and disarmed with the 'dumb' fob three times. I now have the chirp when I arm/disarm!:D
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Smart Siren has internal 9 volt battery that should power the siren if you disconnect power or pull Max Fuse unless smart fob is present.
I have an 02 Dyna Super glide, the alarm goes off at random times I replaced the batteries in the FOB key pads, it continued to do it, so then I found where the siren is, so I unplugged that I was going to replace the 9 Volt battery but found the wire was broken, so I cut that off and soldered a new piece on the wire, with a brand new battery and I reinstalled it and the alarm was chirping, I would like to keep it in the bike, but it is a nuisance and my neighbors get annoyed cause it will go off in the middle of the night. Any thoughts? I was thinking about buying a new one but I don't want the same problem to occur.