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  1. VanIsland

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    I'm just wondering if you carry your kids / grandkids etc on your bike, their ages and what your local state/province laws are...
    Curious, as I want to start taking my 7 yr old as soon as i get sissy bar setup.
    -Van Island
  2. 01dynaglide

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    I have 4 daughter (16, 13, 8 & 2). The oldest 3 ride with me everytime they get a chance. They started riding when they were 6. the 2 year old loves to ride too. However she sits in front of me and only gets to ride around the yard.
  3. ultrat

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    Brought my son jeremiah home from the hosp.after being born between me & wife on 77 fx..he still likes ridding but as a rider he is 28...
  4. VanIsland

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    ....and country laws :D
  5. Breeze3at

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    My rule is like the amusement park "you must be this tall for this ride". My passengers feet must reach the pegs. Even then, anyone under 18 usually only gets neighborhood rides. I couldn't handle being responsible for injuring a child. I'd rather be a known as a grouch.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    There are laws and then there are unspoken rules. Frankly the law (and insurance companies) would rather the bike not be ridden at all and they collect the money. But the reality is it is against posted laws that no one under 16 can ride as a passenger without at least a helmet (holdover from bicycle laws). Beyond that it is kind of like under aged alcohol under the supervision of is still against the law.

    That said, I have been known to give a few rides or two to kids (with a helmet which I have stored in my garage) and yes like Breeze I use good sense making sure they have pegs (on my sportbike, I mounted a set high up especially for kids that folded out of the way. It is still acceptance of risk, but now a parental AND child act of faith (or my stupidity)...but the joy of a nice ride on two wheels is best served by doing, not by looking.
  7. TQuentin1

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    I live in the Great Sovereign State of Texas here in the US of A! As long as they have a helmet if under the age of 18, good to go!

    I started riding my little girl (now 13 going on 25) on the back of the bike when she was about 3. Had to rig up a seat belt (old belt) and shoulder harness system to keep her on the bike. As soon as we started rolling, she would be fast asleep. With that big old helmet on, she would flop over left or right. With the rig I put on the bike, there was no worry about her actually falling off, but all the Soccer Moms in the SUVs would freak out at STOP lights or STOP signs frantically pointing at Asia and mouthing, "YOUR BABY IS FALLING OFF". I would wave back and wander off down the lane to the next panic point.

    She is now way too blasé about riding on the bike. Old hat!! But I have a little guy that turns 3 in June!!!

  8. oldhippie

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    When I lived in Gillam, way up in northern Manitoba, I use to take my two older daughters (then 2 and 4) for short slow rides with them sitting in front strapped on to me. Had a few paint chips in the Hondas tank when my middle daughter kept falling asleep and bob her head down.
    When I moved south I asked the local RCMP and was informed that whoever was sitting in front was considered to be in control and would be ticketed if I did that around Lac du Bonnet so my youngest never got to ride 'til she was six or so. Even then she was strapped on to me and still slow local rides.

    Now I've been taking a boy I mentor along for short rides since he was 6 (he's 9 now and still bugs for rides, just gotta find him a new helmet). My daughters have their own things to do so don't look for rides anymore:(.
  9. fin_676

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    In the UK i think they have to wear a helmet same as anyone else and feet have to be on the footpegs
    little girl next door has been riding with me from time to time for the last 4 years she is 13 now (getting a bit old to hang out with old guy next door)

  10. Rocket J.

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    Whoooooa ultrat! The kid was born between you and your wife on the seat of the '77 FX? Oh well, probably with a little Pledge, it'll buff right out.