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    Planning a sightseeing trip to Chicago probably in late July. I am looking for places to see,eat and stay. On my to do list is the Shedd Aquarium,PGM[Pacific Garden Mission],Navy Peer. I was up in the Sears Tower on my way to Harley's 100th so I don't need to do that. I noticed that places were cheaper to stay outside of Chicago [and maybe safer] but I need something with 'secured' parking since I will be on my Ultra. Nothing fancy/expensive. Something like a motel 6 would do me just fine as long as it's safe and secure. Need suggestions on places to eat too. I like all types of food and would try just about anything. And since I am up that way I am going to check out the Harley museum in Milwaukee. Total trip will be about 6 days and that's a day of riding up and a day of riding home. Any ideas/suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
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    never been to chicago, but my wife loves it. here is what I do in a new city, I ask locals (bar tenders, cops, firemen) for things to do that are worth my time. I was in Buffalo NY a year ago and had no idea of what to do. so I found a fire station and asked where a good place to eat and drink was. let me tell ya, the best beer I have ever had. oh and you can usually purchase t-shirts from the firemen. good luck and make it an adventure!