cheap tricks for a louder bike?

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    I've got a stock '09 dyna. I'm not lookin to make her faster & am not mechanically experienced, but would like to make her louder for safety reasons (I live in south florida). Any affordable tweaks I can do to get a bit bit more bark?
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    Installing a stage one kit with less restrictive pipes will gain a little volume. For safety i installed an airhorn and more lights.
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    Does the 09 have cats. in the exhaust? I the old days, before we understood back pressure we would drill out the baffles. Without changing the exhaust adding a feuler and free flowing AC (stage 1) you can't get there from here. Maybe some of our members have some tricks.
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    I put on D&D slip ons on my 05 Road King. They are quiet when you need it to be and loud when you get on it. I think they sound good.

    Good Luck!!!! Ride Safe!!!!

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    I put a pair of SE slipons on my 12 FXDF because I wanted a little more rumble but didn't want to mess with a fueler. I listened to it at idle with the factory mufflers then installed the slipons within about .5 hours and checked the sound at idle. The character of the idle sound is different but not really louder IMO. I DO think it's a bit louder when on the gas hard. I like the look better anyways. It may be interesting to note that I fired it up for a few seconds with NO mufflers in the middle of the swap and was expecting some serious open pipe mayhem like my old sporty with drag pipes but was surprised that it sounded really lame. For a moment there I thought something was really wrong then I realized, all the beautiful music was choked down to nothing by the catalytic converter!! I don't like obnoxious loud anymore but it seems to me that slipons can't do much, unless they can somehow act as amplifiers.:bigsmiley25:
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    Download this song, put it in your stereo, crank it up to the max, and there you have it. Cheap Trick for a louder bike....... :D

    Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me - Chicagofest '81 - YouTube

    Ya know, when I swapped my header pipe to cat free a couple of months ago, I fired it up for a second or two before I put the mufflers back on just to hear how loud it would be, and it wasn't loud at all. I was expecting ear shattering goodness and maybe a flame or two shooting out. Man, was I disappointed. But it obviously wasn't being choked out by the cats, since I was now catless.
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    Maybe the mufflers really are amplifiers??
  9. turnup

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    If you are going to new pipes all the way you might want to consider Patriot Defenders. The have a very simple easy sound adjustment on them. They can go from mild to wild....and back again easily. I put a set of them on my sporty and was pretty well pleased with them, looks, price and performance.

    Patriot Defender Pipes for Harley Davidson Motorcycles
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    No cheap trick with out a lot of expense down the road..............
    Pay me now or pay me later.....:(