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    There are a few articles on the web and You Tube telling/showing how the saddlebags on a touring bike can be detached in less than 10 seconds with only a screwdriver. Here's a CHEAP trick to thwart the casual thief. Get a 5/16"-18
    U- nut, bolt and lock washer from almost any hardware or home center. Remove the stock spring clip, and substitute the U-nut, NO TOOL REQUIRED. Then use the big flat washer that was on the spring pin, with a lock washer and a 5/16" x 1 1/4" (not critical length) bolt to attach the bag. Don't tighten too tight and crush the rubber washer. I use blue locktite and only go finger tight. When the locktite drys, it won't allow vibration to loosen the bolt. I only used one per side, on the front of the bag, which is the easiest one for a thief to pry off. Total cost, less than $1.50 per side.
    Remember, professional thieves will get what they want, this if for the amateur opportunist type low life.

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    Good Advice, I did that with both my baggers, plus keeping them locked will keep the thieves busy
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    Great tip. Copied you're list and will be picking the needed parts up on the next trip to town. Thanks
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    That's what I do Jack, I lock mine. It makes me feel good but I get the feeling that an experienced thief could pop that latch like nothing. :(
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