Charlotte NC to Burlington Vermont

Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by Jonas, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. Jonas

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    Had a great bike trip up to Burlington Vermont, beautiful country and nice riding. My wife is from there, her and my daughters are visiting there for a couple weeks.l Works wise, I could not stay that long, so I road my bike up.

    Stopped in CT on the way back to visit my brother. Left his house at 9:30 yesterday morning and made it back at 11:00 last night. 850 miles in 13.5 hours. Was a great day for riding, light traffic, no road construction and no rain. Sun block would have been a good idea

    While visiting my brother we stopped at Yankee HD in Bristol CT. Long story short he traded is 1998 Road Glide for a 2006 Road Glide with under 4500 miles.
    They sold him the 06 for 14K and gave him 8K for his 98. He had no intentions of buying a bike when we walked in.

    2400 miles total trip, got to love a Police Seat.
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    Jonas, glad you had a good safe trip.

    I made the trip through Burlington the last of May. We ran up through VT, NH and across VT and up Lake Champlain on rt 2. Stayed in Platsburgh and came back by way of Lake Placid. It's a great run. I didn't do all the miles in one day you did man, you were cruising.

    Get some sleep.
  3. Jonas

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    I went I87 and cut across on 7 and 22. After leaving humid NC, it felt like riding in Air Conditioning.

    Some how my 12 year old daughter talked me into swimming in Lake Champlain, the water was 67degrees.
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    Jonas, I was going to leave upstate New York and go to Charlotte to visit my kids. I called my daughter and she said the temperatures had been in the 90's with high humidity. She knew I would be miserable in those conditions so I postponed my trip until things cool down a bit. Did you travel Rt 81 and 77 on your return trip ? I can't imagine Rt 81 without construction somewhere in Pennsylvania.
  5. Jonas

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    Just watched the news, today is going to be the 17th day of 90 plus weather.

    I did travel 81 to 77. There were some construction zones, but since it was Saturday no workers, with the light traffic just went right through. On the way up was a diffrent story I got caught on 77 just before you get to 81. The longest traffic jam I have ever been in. Two hours for 6 miles, worse it was the middle of the day. I roasted. Sit for ten minutes then move 100 feet. I had to shut my bike off a few times.

    The end of this week it dropping down to a high of 83.
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    We rolled from Raleigh to Killington VT in June 2007. Never hit the interstate.... I asked around, and got info on a lot of great roads.... 14 bikes, 15 people, we rode.... ate like royalty, and had the time of our life...

    Anyone tracking us... would have thought we were lost.... we spent a lot of time, heading in every direction....except the most direct...