changing steering bearings?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by harley-springer, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. harley-springer

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    Anybody have experience?

    Is it really this much of a pain? The cables made taking the fork off really tough. I didn't want the weight of the forks to hurt the cables so i laid them on a table next to the bike. But then i was hesitant to pry off the lower bearings that were stuck to the lower end of the fork stem. I didn't want to damage anything and the bearings looked like new so i put the thing back together. The only time i can tell that the steering wants to fall "into a groove" is off to the right side. And it's barely noticable. I think that the hex nut was just too tight. The bearings felt like a bad notch was in the middle of the steering, now they're alot better.

    Any insight is appreciated. I needed a new front tire so i'm glad i had to take it apart anyway.
  2. glider

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    Usually you'll get a groove in the straight forward position from taking the shocks of the bumps in the road. If you can feel anything at all, it should be replaced.
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    When changing the races.An old timer showed me how to easily remove the old ones.Use a MIG welder and perform a couple of tacs to the inside of the race.The heat losens them and they fall right out without damaging the neck.
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    If you cut the outer race off and remove it and all the bearings, then hold the neck upside down and about 10 seconds of heat from a torch and the inner race will fall off....The new one can be "pressed" on very easily with a 12'' long piece of 1'' PVC with a plug on the end to hit and the bearing seats into place with ease....Dont forget to drop your dust shield on first....And dont mix up the bearings,, keep them with the race they came in...