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    My Street Glide has 16" rear wheels/rims, and 17" front wheels/rims. I'm not fond of the stock rims, so I've been checking what else is available. How large can I go? I will stay with the stock 180 rear tire, probably, unless a 200 will fit without rubbing. The nice Blade rims on the new CVO Road Glide are 17" rear, and 18" front, so those would likely fit. One manufacturer suggested I could go with 18" rear and 21" front. I'm tall enough to stand the additional height, but I'm wondering how this might affect handling? I suppose it should improve gas mileage, or are the tires for these rims lower profile so that the overall diameter is the same? Will the ABS still work the same? Can you point me to the posts that might cover any of this?:newsmile036:
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    Funny you should mention the above (Renegade). I have been shopping about a month to bling out my front wheel. (I've got 23,000+ on the stock 16"wheels) I've ridden my friends SG w/ a 21" up front and another with a 19" and both were fine but felt a little heavy in the front end. I do have to consider the canyons and chasing Mz Bling on her sporty here in Southern Cal.

    We went to the Renegade factory on Friday and they were very, very helpful. (Evette and Omar) I've decided on the 18" Aspen Elite. They put a 18 and 19 side by side and it splitting hairs as far as bling. I decided on a 18 because of tire selection (Dunlop 130/70 or Metzeler 130 or 140/70) I also have ABS which could make a difference with wheel size.

    Hope this helps
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    My Electra Glide standard FLHTI from 2004 is equiped with the factory 16" wheels, both front and rear.
    What will be the effect technical and for riding (corning) performances when I change to the more popular 18" wheels front and rear?

    Will the bike height change or will the difference in 16" / 18" tire size level out to be equal for the bke?

    Thanks, Nico