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Discussion in 'Oil' started by 1moretime, Oct 15, 2009.

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    wondering if someone would help me with this Q. i have synthitic oil (HD) in all three holes in my 09 dyna, im going to put regular oil and trans and primary the HD brand, do i need to put a cleaner in or can i just drain the syn and ad the new stuff/
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    drain and refill .. but why ?
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    just figured since ive always used regular HD oil on previces bike and they ran fine for years wy pay 10$ plus for a bottle of syn when i can get the other HD of 5$..... ya i no im cheap, i love my bike but its always worked well with the regular stuff

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    As Smitty says, 2009 & 2010 HD engines are highly tuned, but highly stressed engines due to lean EPA mixtures and all the internal changes to bring back the lost horsepower by increased displacement and internal mods to an already high state of tune air/oil cooled engine. The extra fuel/horsepower and attendant weight incrase, means that displacement/compression means frictional losses are greater.

    Oil savings just by doing the changes yourself will pay back big dividends in savings and cost of ownership/ be aware of the dollarwise but pound foolish saying from days gone by, but still valid today. You can find Synthetic oil for $6.99, within $2 of your need to go with Dino oil as a compromise.

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    formal+ is good BUT

    USING some of the suggested synthetics esp. in tranny (redline shockproof hvg.) YOU WON"T BELIEVE IMPROVEMENT over H.D.s hugo chavez syn 3

    syn 3 IS NOT A GEAR OIL.......a PARTIAL syn. not designed for chain case clutch nor the tranny.....

    If you are inclined to use HD's oil PLEASE go with the :
    HD360 for engine
    formal+ for tranny n chaincase

    I for one have always used the fully synthetics designed for air cooled motors. THE $$$$ oils....

    I have BUILT several HOT performing motors and I figured using FULL synthetics was best...(my choise is redline)

    I have put MORE MILES on a HOT ROD motor in the 2000 dyna than most people ride in a life time (of bike) (dyna bike has over 117,000 mi. on it)

    I doubt that motor with over 45,000 mi. on it now (from last full rebuild) would still show 206/208 lbs. static compression with the use of mineral oil (standard oil).. I credit the LONGIVITY to using aproved full syn. oil for air cooled motors..

    You can go with the HDs 360 oil and change often @ 3000/5000 mi. and use
    HD's formal + in chain case n tranny and probably get a good amount of wear n tear out of your bike.
    THAT CHOICE FAR BETTER THAN syn 3 in 3 holes

    PROBLEMS with syn 3 in clutch case have been numerous: ONE being clutch drags and bike doesn's function properly.
    and in the tranny,,, CLUNKING because it is not a GEAR OIL and much too light for the job needed.... with HEAVY wear shown by LOTS of Whiskers on metal drain plug when changing......

    ****LET US KNOW how much metal was on your tranny drain plug magnet when you drain n switch over to ??? what-ever you use.. Thanks...

    I put a 6 speed in 00 dyna using "shockproof heavy" redline synthetic gear oil, over 60,000 mi. and still works perfect.. NEVER EVER any metal on magnetic drain plug... I would NOT have had THAT results without using the redline shockproof heavy .. on other bikes using HD's formal + the tranny usually has some wiskers of metal on it at regular changing intervals.. NONE WITH redline...

    YOUR CHOICE IS FAR BETTER THAN syn3 in 3 holes... for me syn3 in all three holes IS a SIN!!!!

    PAY NOW $ OR PAY$$$$$$$$ LATER...

    Yes it is YOUR CHOICE!!! some of us JUST want to HELP...

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    Oil is cheper than parts and labor......
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    I wouldn't change back either. The synthetics are so much better and now they aren't that much more costly than the dino oils. I'm not sure it applies to bikes but I know that in cars they say not to change back once you've gone to synthetic.
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    I've also experienced gas mileage improvement switching to synthetic oil which would offset the cost difference to some degree.
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    If I could own a new bike I would run synthetic in the engine. I would put HD's Formula + in the primary and a good GL5 or 6 motorcycle gear lube in the transmission. Synthetic is a great oil but then HD's 360 is also. Neither one will be bad for your engine. Just make sure you use and oil you can find on the road. Just in case. Fossil
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    I always thought that the only oil you could go from synthetic to regular oil is Amsoil?