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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by squeek17, Feb 2, 2010.

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    I have an 06 SG that has a CD player that wants to skip frequently, anything i should do before i fork out the cash for a new one? What are my options with a replacement? Anybody tried out the new HD speakers?
  2. glyd-n

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    I would suggest to use a cleaner. After extended use the mechanisms get dirty, kinda like the old vcr. You can pick up acleaner in just about any department store for less than $10.
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    you can pick one up at dvd rental free ..u must return it or they charge u..
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    Try that ^^^^^^.

    If you still have a problem, is the unit the OEM installed one? The HK? If so, call Radio Sound and see if they service it. The way they work is that you send them the unit along with their service fee ($200 for my year) and they send back that unit or another one just like it that has been TOTALLY reconditioned to good as new. Pretty good deal, I think.

    RadioSound - Customer Service

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    Welcome squeek, Are you playing a factory made CD when it skips? Have do done a software up-date? If not here's the link, just download it and burn to a CDR at slow soeed then put in your player and do the up-date. Could fix the problem.
    H-D Advanced Audio System by Harman/Kardon - GPS navigation | Harley-Davidson USA

    Here's some trouble shooting for the CD skip problem up untill you would need a break out box.

    Also here's a radio diagnostic Manual
    View attachment Radio Diagnostics.pdf

    Good Luck
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    These other gentlemen have you covered as far as your CD problem.

    Which speakers are you referring to? Do a quick search and you'll find several threads discussing J&M's and Hogtunes, the 2 predominant manufacturers of bike speakers and amps.
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    Man, Chopper stole my thunder w/the update...:s He's the man!

    Seriously, look at the previous post recommendations for cleaning (laser gets dirty) & upgrading the SW. If these don't do the trick you can go to any audio repair shop to have them take a look. Also, as a last resort, might be a good time to UG your stereo, or search for used on eBay...:newsmile093:
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    thanks guys , i'll give those ideas a try and get back
  9. Animal

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    Why not load all your C/Ds on a MP3 player and then you have hours and hours of tunes and no skips? I vote Hogtunes speakers, I have the full meal deal with 8 speakers and love it.
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    CD skipping should not happen on newer technology CD players built in the 2000's...and lest we forget one additional advantage CD's have is they offer the original, sonically full dynamic range recordings, remember the AAD, ADD and DDD recording quality mark in the fine print of your CD collection, that is what I am talking about.

    That means the CD music you have in your library is NOT a compressed formats, like MP3 or IPOD, AND you don't have to buy, download or re-record over and over again! Get that CD player fixed or replaced...When CD's fall out of favor, and compressed sonically inferior audio MP3/IPOD files become standard fare, we will all lose our audio libraries to the pay per listen/view all the recording companies are fighting for.
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