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    07 Ultra Classic. I am looking to loose the (EDIT)OEM antennas and replace them with one. Have been told best is to go with Firestick and a splitter. I need to find out if anyone has better idea and are the plugs on the CB/Radio standard of another Harley trick?

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    The fire stick seems to be a little stiff and puts more stress on the small stud in the tourpack of the harley units. We have been using the 24 " tuneable tip
    K-40 antennas on ultras. Usually the little tip trims up or is the best all the way down. You should always check with your SWR meter, the instructions that come with the meter are great. you want 1.5 SWR from chanel 1 and chanel 40. in a perfect world you may get a 1 to 1 match , 1.5 is industry good.
    You need a adaptor so you can use those standard threaded antennas with the small stud in the tour pack. We get those from Sierra electronics. Also we carry a spare and a spare stud for the tour pack , incase anyone bumps a antenna and breaks off the little stud. Seat the adaptor to the stud and tour pack , then the antenna jam locks on the top of the stud. We have had no problems .
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    I agree, the K-40 antennas do work very well. I have no regrets with them.