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  1. I live in california and i just bought a new Dyna Wide Glide . I want to change the pipes to something louder and maybe 2 singles . The problem i have is the new bikes at least here in Ca have Catalytic converters and O2 sensors in each pipe and i havnt herd of any of those on the market ?
    I also dont know how it would affect the ECM computer? Any help would be appreciated
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    WOW! I didn't know the 2010s had catalytic mufflers. They don't brag on that too much.
    I have a TC88 and it has the oxygen sensors. I got my bike running pretty good with the XiED harnesses that plug into the 02 sensors. It runs cooler too. Fuel mileage is still near the same. Pipes and plugs read good.
    I have no idea what XiEds would do to a cat muffler. What do they offer for screaming eagle pipes for the California bikes?
    The only bright side is that the bill to inspect motorcycles was shelved. This state is too broke to even think about starting up a program like that right now.
    I would be interested in what you find out. I have been toying with the idea of getting a 2010.

    Actually, it came to me and I did know they have catalytic mufflers. I forgot.
    Well, you can always get a complete exhaust system and save the old pipes just in case.

    If I could, you can bet I would depart this state. Then I think, why bother as California goes with EPA, so does everyone else a year or two later. I wouldn't mind if there was significant improvement, but I don't see that in Bakersfield.
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    to my knowledge there are no "leagal" alternatives to the stock pipes required in Calif. That being said do what ya want and just save the stockers for the smog tests or whatever........
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    I have a friend who has been transferred to Cal. and they wont even let him license his bike in that state till it conforms to cal. guidelines. :(