Catalyst removal

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    Couple of questions regarding the cat removal on SE mufflers for the 110. Saw a post somewhere, which I can't find now, showing how to remove the baffle and the converter. I have done this on the right side with no problems. Sorry I didn't take pictures of entire process but can send pictures of before and after if you'd like.
    I also read about decel popping with restriction removed exhaust and one the fixes was to install a "pop stopper" baffle in the left side. My question then is why not just leave the restriction of the Cat in the left side and leave the right side open?
    I am still running stock HD headers after trying the BUB7 TD with crossover setup which was way loud for me.
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    Depending on the model the cat on the new bikes is either in the pipe or the muffler.

    The left side is basically a sound chamber on the touring bikes and other bikes with a crossover pipe. Leaving a cat in one side in a bike that has them in the mufflers would unbalance things a bit and it may not run too well. The popper stopper restricts the flow even more in the left side.