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I have a carb problem that has me troubled. the thing is sucking fuel up through the needle jet at idle. things that i have done.

jet kit
new carb
measured and adjusted float bowl.
raised and lowered both main jet and slow jet.
removed fuel tank cap to insure venting.

running to rich and terrible idle. fouled plugs as fast as i can put them in.

turn epa needle all the way in and fuel is flowing from main jet.

need some help
Recheck the emulsion tube where the main jet is to see if it is in correctly and not loose.

Also don't mix the jet kit with the stock jets, they are different sizes and don't work together. The kit really isn't necessary just a one size larger low speed jut and maybe an increase one size on the high jet if need be.

Are you sure the diaphragm in the top is seated and no holes in it? Did you have it apart?

If there is fuel flowing from the main jet, chances are the main jet needle isn't seated all the way in the slide up top. Once it comes to rest it blocks the path of fuel from the main jet. This is the only way you could get flow from the main jet without the throttle cracked open.

You'll find some more carb info in this forum.

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