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    i have a 91 sportster, and I just removed the carb to clean it. When I was removing the clamp holding the fuel line to the inlet, the plastic inlet tube broke, and now it is just a brass (looking) fitting on the bottom of the carb. I cleaned the carb and it is ready to go, but I am not sure what to do now, what can I do, I assume it isnt a screw fitting, and it is pressed. Is this something I can do? Its starting to get nice out. :)
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    Harley Davidson Community This should help:s
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    I replaced one using the above methods. I found a 90° elbow at a NAPA store that was barbed and smooth that only required a little sanding to fit. The problem is finding a NAPA counter guy that will look through all the fittings.

    This link has a fitting for $18.
    Harley Fuel Elbow Replacement
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    These guy's got you covered. With the ethanol in the fuel, brass is the way to go.