carb for 1977 xlh

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    i hAVE A 1977 HARLEY ironhead and i am running a s&s super b and the bike runs good at idle and i have ran a mukini 48 mm carb on it the super b is giving it way to much gas and flooding it out when i am ridding and the mukini you cant take the choke off or it will die so i want to go to a stock carb and i need to know what idle jet i should have in it wont burn so much gas and i wont starve it for gas
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    If it runs good at idle that means your close on the primary jet so pull the float bowl and drop down on the main jet and you probably will like the way the b carb works even if you go back to a stock carb your going to have jet it,jel
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    With a B series carb, you need to learn to roll the throttle on, as wicking it open will cause a severe stumble, due to the lack of an accelerator pump.
    Those were originally designed for higher-performance engines that were much larger.:s