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    I got a Eldabrock Quicksilver 2 carb for near nothing and I was thinking about putting it on my bagger.Write now I have a mikuni hsr40 on it.Runs pretty good with present carb,but if this new carb out performs the mik I am going to change it.Anybody out there that had one on there bike let me know if it was worth a (EDIT).All I have ever run was S and S carbs or mikuni and don,t no (EDIT) about these carbs. Thanks View attachment P1000301(1).bmp

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    Never had much luck with the Edelbrock carbs, even when I had them on my cars let alone a bike. They tend to be real touchy to weather change, of course this is why they use them mainly for the race tracks. Change out some jets and needles and you can fine tune for the track. However when out riding the bike who wants to stop and change jets just because the barametric pressure has changed. For excellent daily riding when it comes to carbs I would have have to go with the S&S carbs, Super E or G easy install, easy set up and great perfomance for the money with a lot less maintenance. Just as a side note and I am sure you already know this, but, when going with any high high performance carb don't forget to change out the fuel valve to allow a better flow of fuel to the carb, Pingle makes some nice ones, you should be able to check with the manufaturer of the carb to find out the recomended amount of fuel flow. Good Luck with whatever you decide to use.
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    Mikuni hsr is a very stable and reliable carb and personally it is my choice and have used it on sportsters and big twins and have had good running bikes so i would say stay with what works