Canadian and American - Always Brothers in Arms

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    I was just reading about some of my fellow Canuck soldiers getting medals and decorations for service in Afghanistan and came across this one item. I thought you might be interested:

    Private Philip Millar, M.M.V.
    Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
    Medal of Military Valour

    On November 23, 2009, Private Millar demonstrated great heroism during an insurgent attack on Forward Operating Base Wilson, in Afghanistan. With mortar bombs falling around him, he unhesitatingly ran to the impact area to provide first aid to a seriously wounded American soldier. Despite the danger, he remained with the casualty, fully exposed to the attack. Private Millar’s courageous actions under fire allowed for the best possible treatment to his comrade and brought great credit to the Canadian Forces.
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    That was one brave soul. These types of stories amaze me of the heroism that goes on in war .:a :CANADA
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    It goes to show that we that have served makes no difference betwee nationally race creed or color. We are all brothers serving together. Thats what makes those who serve special. Big Thank You to all that have and those who are serving in the military

    PaPa T