Can not disarm alarm on FLHTCUI (2001)

Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by arthurmcc, May 6, 2010.

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    Alarm symbol flashes as normal, double click fob and the symbol goes out but alarm still on and no disarming chirp or flashes. I quickly switch ignition on and off and the light starts flashing again but no matter how many times I click the fob, no joy. New battery in fob and when I took it to the dealer it seemed to start responding OK got it home and same problem. This has been happening for about three weeks now and can take up to 2hrs to get it to respond. Help!!!

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    Welcome Arthurmcc to the HDTimeline forum. Please check the Self Help tab and look up info on programming and setting the manual combination to activate/deactivate the alarm system. Could be that it was optioned for automatic arming. Did you have recent work done to the alarm system? Have you checked the battery in the Security Alarm I audible alarm. It is a NiMH battery, easily charged and installed...then check again. Did it chirp before, but no longer does so now?
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    No work done on Alarm but Main battery flat after harsh winter. Where on the bike do I find the Alarm battery? Tried again tonight but not response to fob. Main battery test shows 12.2V so put it on charge.
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    Welcome aboard. Lots of great info in the self-help pages and in the heads of your fellow members.

    The siren module is right behind the ECU in a "pocket" on the right side of the bike below the seat. See the pix below. In the last one, I am pointing at the battery. Little plastic cover has been removed so you can see it. I think you have to pull the module out of the pocket to really be able to work on the battery. That means loosening up the ECU bracket so you have room to pull the siren module.


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