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  1. nfusion

    nfusion Active Member

    do the new 103 engines have the 255 cams in them from the factory
  2. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    SE 255 should be the stock bolt in cam
  3. kevdon

    kevdon Member

    No. same cams as the 96 in. want to buy a set?
  4. gusotto

    gusotto Junior Member

    Think you're right.
    Read somewhere that the 96 gets the same cam as the 103.
    Thought about upgrading.
  5. nfusion

    nfusion Active Member

    thanks for your answer jack i am purchasing a new street glide with the 103 engine and was wondering about those cams
  6. gusotto

    gusotto Junior Member

    Ask your salesperson, service department, parts department, etc. to find out what you get.
    I think the 96 and 103 engine that comes stock on the showroom floor will have the same cam.

    The 255 is a good seller for Harley, why give it away for free?

    I have a friend who had the 255 cam installed in his stock 103.
    If it was already in the engine, the engine work wouldn't have been done by service and he wouldn't have a bill for installation.

    He said the 255 cam really gave him some torque. The difference was noticeable.
  7. nfusion

    nfusion Active Member

    thanks i will look into it before i purchase it might be another chip to bargin with to get what you want
  8. olbill

    olbill Member

    The 96 and 103 have the same cams i buy the factory parts book for all the bikes i buy just for that reason.I did the stg.2 to my 2011 ultra with the 255 cams and it made a nice running bike out of it.well worth the money.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    My thoughts:

    The SE255 is a BIG enhancement for a stage two 96" bike and will do even greater in a 103..

    I have SE255's in My 09 FLHR 96" and use SE slender taper adjustable P-rods.

    The low end power is really felt.

    The intake "Close" of the Stock HD cam is 30* and the SE255's is 25*.

    This earlier "Closing of Intake Valves" makes More compression HELD into the motor.

    The LATER closing of intake valves , say Like 40* make the NEED for More compression to make up for the LOST compression of the Later KEPT OPEN intake valve.

    Cams ARE a Give and Take. The BIGGER cams as some WANT( with Much Later intake closing) Installed in a stock 96" OR 103" will do More Harm than Good IF Not done properly by Upping the compression to MATCH or REPLACE the Lost compression in cam durations...

    I always Look at the intake CLOSE numbers of a cam to see IF it is a Low End torque style or If more compression is needed to make it so.(Give and Take)

    One other cam that many builders Suggest in the stock 103 and adding manual compression relief valves with a Street Port on the heads is the 48H. It has a similarity to the SE255 but Just a little longer "out" power curve (working higher RPM than the 255's).

    On a SG, I think I would go for the 48H as its intake close is a little latter than the Se 255 cam at 29*. Giving you a little more RPM before it Drops off.

    On the 96" FLH's touring, SE255.IMO

    Being you are going 103 OR already Are and the later 29* close Will help in "Not" going too High with the static compression.. Ideally 180 to 195 max. 200 and above at sea-level Might become a problem with Heat and premature Spark Knock in these STROKED TC motors. Causing kick-backs and hard starting,,,, Bad for the starter and stock Compensator.

    Just My Way

  10. brownfoxx1

    brownfoxx1 Active Member

    consider the S&S 511 gear cam.for the 103 reason no shoes to wear out.