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  1. ooheritage

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    Hello to all, I am about to change cams I'm going with Andrews or Kuryakyn. I have in my head that I want either the 26 or the 37, but that's really all I know. I have heard that the 26 is like real close to stock, if that's true I will skip them, I don't want a screamer, but I don't want like stock either, I know I know its my bike do what I want, but I'm asking for help. I don't need a long reply back, just an opinion on Andrews 26 or 37, or go with the Kuryakyn.
    bike is at a stage one thanks for your replies.
  2. fabrozor

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    The #12 are close to stock
    The #21 are more torque
    The #26 are torque but higher and some horsepower

    I took the 21 cause i ride cool and between 1500-4000 RPM

    Depends of what is your style of riding, and the RPM you're usually at.

  3. Chopper

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    26 or 37 I would go 37 it's a good cam.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    ****************************************************************ITis A LONG OPINION but it is HOW I DO IT! I'M NOT PAYED ENOUGH $$$ TO DO IT A DIFFERENT WAY!

    ARE you at 88 cu in ??
    are you keeping the heads stock??

    IF your riding style is LUGG-PULL the bike style== 21/26

    IF your style is keeping the RPM up a little and gearing DOWN when cranking the throttle== 37/? ANDREWS as they probably make the other BRANDS and put their names on them...

    what is being done about the SHOES? is your bike a EARLY or LATE 2000 early 1/2 year being the problem with the BALL bearing... or have we been there and done that?

    I also never thought much of the OIL PUMP for the twin cam until 07 improvements and a BIG YES for the total KIT conversion to HYD. / pump / cam plate..... at 429.99

    I would not remodel an older bike UNLESS doing at least the OIL PUMP...
    I did a 2000 early to GEAR and made a MONSTER out of it... GOOD RESULTS!

  5. ooheritage

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    thanks everyone, Chopper I was pretty sure that the 37 was the one I wanted, and after reading allot of your post I think that you would know which was best Thanks.
    Bubbie, you and I have talked a little before on this and I really thank you for your input.
    yea, its the early 2000 88 with the ball bearings, that's why I'm going with new cams, I'll be in there anyway putting the new hyd conversion kit in. thanks again.
  6. Chopper

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    Thanks for your confidence ooheritage, I can't tell you what the "best" cam is, but since you said you were pretty sure about the 37, I'm sure it's the right one for you. I voted the 37 because you have a softail, I've installed them in road kings and they perform very well, a good road cam, if you had a ultra then maybe the 26 would have been a better choice for torque on a heavy bike.