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    Hello all!

    I'm getting ready for a cam chain tensioner update to the 07-up style chain and cams. Can't make up my mind on what cam to run. I ride a 99 FLHT that already has a stage 1 kit on it. My riding varies from short trips to all day rides(weekend trips) and from solo to 2-up loaded with luggage. Also I'm 6'3" @ 250 lbs so even solo the bike is loaded.

    I know that the Andrews 21N and 26N are real popular for the touring bikes. I would like to run as much cam as I can get away with. And what mods will I need to do to the carb(stock CV)? Are the 31N and 37N cams for the lighter bikes only? Just curious to what cams others are running and were they happy with the results.

    Thanks in advance! This is an awesome site!
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    I run the 26 and TQ has the 21's. Big mistake to over cam the bike. Stay with common 21 or 26. I have a modified exhaust and carb and A/N BigSucker air cleaner. I still get original fuel mileage or better. The bike starts easy and idles nice. My bike is a 2000 FLHT. I did a bike for a friend and he used 21's
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    Did the roller chain conversion on my '99 Ultra last year. It already had a set of V&H on the bike. I went with the Andrews 26N, Arlen Ness Big Sucker a/c, TFI, and a set of SE adjustable pushrods. Performance is great, and like a previous post, my gas milage is about where it was before the conversion.

    Don't forget to check the inner cam bearings. If they are the INA units, they should be changed to the Torringtons.

    TQ did a great workup on the roller chain conversion. Great pics and explainations. Check it out. Good luck.....

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    ALL GOOD ADVICE FROM THE ABOVE don't over cam!

    JUST WONDERED are you getting the updated oil pump n good lifters???

    TO ME the NEW(get full kit from hd?) oil pump is very important for the longevity of the motor... along with the cam-support plate

    like stated about the INA bearings inner NEED to be changed if NOT already...

    BEEN THERE AND DONE ALL THAT on my EARLY 2000 dyna..(needed ALL the bearings)

    when i did MY conversion, harley DIDN'T have the NEWER STYLE available... chain/pump/tensioner kit....

    DON"T FORGET oil cooler n use a good synthetic oil in the engine..

    I went with feuling oil pump n their lifters, 570ss gear drive (worked great). , delkron cam plate n bunch of big $$$$$$ stuff.....42 mikuni, 95" flowed heads/manley valves n springs -programable tuner - 6 speed tranny to finish it off...

    edit: being yours is a 99 model year the bearings are the NEEDED to be replaced ones talked about

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    It was suggested to me by Herko to run the 21's on my RKC. I was originally going in there to do the bearing swap as suggested above. I ordered the adjustable SE pushrods, Harley "B" lifters and upgraded to the 07 style oil pump/cam support plate. The bike already had a stage 1, so I also added the Dobeck TFI to add fuel. These upgrades were wise, practical and most of all- FUN. More torque and I don't worry about the bearings or cam chain tensioners and the engine has better lubrication now. Kemo was the brains behind the upgrade and did most of the work. He left me to wrestle with the exhaust and then showed me how to work smart, not hard, lol. Thanks again, pal
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    I run Andrews 37 cams in my 05 Ultra Classic, but I also have the 1550 cylinder and piston kit, CNC ported heads with O.S. valves, man you can really feel those babies kick in! Love em. :worthy
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    Here is some info from Andrews Products that you may want to review.

    Harley Davidson Community

    Also, I strongly recommend the Herko up-grade kit and the options he can get for you. His kit is absolutely complete.

    Check it out.

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    I am planning on using the kit from Herko so I will be updating to the 07 style oil pump/cam plate. Along with new "B" lifters, adj. pushrods, and replacing all bearings. Not sure about which cam yet, probably the 21 or 26. Can't make up my mind.

    Kemo, what mods have you done to your carb?

    Thanks again for the info and replies!!
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    I used one of the cv carb performance kits, but after awhile I took 1/2 of the kit out. I originally drilled the vac slider & changed to a lighter spring, changed the needle and the emulsion tube and the jets and added an EZjust screw. I think I removed the drilled slider and put back the original slider and spring and maybe changed back the emulsion tube and needle. The mileage really dropped when I ran the whole kit. If I was to do it again I would just raise the needle with 2 washers and change the low speed jet to a 46 and try leaving the main jet. Drilling the vac slide is not really necessary and a lot of folks do advice against it. When ever I go to a swap meet I always try to find a carb for 5 or 6 bucks just for parts. when I play with the needle I remember that raising is richen and lower is leaning the mixture. The original carb performance kt is around 50 bucks. Save your money and just do the 46 jet and shim the needle 1 or 2 washers and maybe go with the ezjust mixture screw
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