Camping in Eastern Colorado

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    It was getting late in the evening and my wife and I started looking for a campground in Eastern Colorado after driving our Harley Electarglide all day across Kansas on route 70 from St Louis. We had started in New Jersey and the topography was starting to look interesting. We saw a sign and drove down the gravel road to check it out. A young boy maybe 12 years old met us at the park entrance and eagerly walked us in to register. We brought a little tent with us but the owner insisted we stay in one of the cabins for the same price. Later he invited us to use the family pool and made other friendly overtures. He explained that it was a new business for him and we thought how nice it was of him. The next morning we wanted to get an early start but the septic tank was backed up so my wife went over to let the owner know before everyone else woke up and things got worse. He struggled for some time to solve the problem. My wife asked him if he would to pose (still covered in waste) for a picture as she was hoping to build a scrapbook in the future. Unable to contain himself any longer he asked if we were from KOA. Apparently he was expecting a surprise visit from KOA corporate to certify his new campground and we must have looked the part. After the septic situation I wasn’t sure if he was annoyed or relieved. Sometimes the best memories are the ones you can't plan for.