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Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Extreme Modification' started by Fatboy John, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Fatboy John

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    Fits off I realize I'm in the HD forum but I just have to ask...

    One my future projects coming up will be a cam and I do prefer going to a aftermarket guru. My setup is a '05 Fatboy 1550 CC. I know theres a cam out there without changing out jugs to give me a lil more umph.

    Please recommend a few of those sites...thanx in advance.
  2. TripleJ

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    Aside form the Harley Screaming Eagle, here are a few to choose from.

    Crane Cams
    Fueling Reaper

    These are just a few I found while searching the J&P website. I am by no means a cam expert but can say I am quite pleased with the outcome of using the Screaming Eagle 255 Cams on my scoot. You could spend days learning about all the cams on the market. I choose to let the Harley Engineers do the work instead :D R. Bingham knows his cams and may chime in with some ideas for you.
  3. Jack Klarich

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  4. cromedome

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    I have a brand new in the box SE 203's I'll make you a deal on if they interest you. Send me a PM.
  5. nitroracer

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    go with gear drive cams,will save you $$ & trouble in the future,S&S 509`s are a good choice for a stock 88
  6. 2006FXDCI

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    Gear drives with a stock crank? Think you are asking for trouble down the road unless you are going to putt putt on it. Chain drives are way more forgiving of crank runout JMHO.
  7. Charlies Harley

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    I went with the 203s in my 06 Heritage and hyd tensioners, made a world of a differance.
  8. mike1hd

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    Hyd Cam Ten is the best setup for you buck gears don't like crank runout, as far as cams go are you looking for lift or duration? the 255 is a good all around cam that eliminates the valve over lap on the 96ci motor any cam will do it but thats the all around cam, however the 88 seems to like the 211 more if your not doing any headwork or or uping the ci's. I would stick with SE just because your buying a harley OEM part replacement. What I've learned over the years your cam is the cheapiest way to gain HP, once you start opening up more HP in barrels, pistons, flywheels, and heads your opening up to more maintenance, which inter opens your wallet