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Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Extreme Modification' started by gil7247, Aug 22, 2008.

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    I'm going to add the SE 95" kit to my 05 Road Glide this fall. The kit I'm looking at already comes with SE 203 cams. I'm not trying to make a Hot Rod I just want to wake her up a bit and Have a nice Broad torque curve. Does anyone have any experience with these cams as compared to the Andrews 26's or 37's which would be my other choices. Thank You
  2. Moose

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    I think you would find the HD 203 very similar to the Andrews 26. These two are good for more low end grunt. The 37 will give you some power a little further up the RPM scale. I tossed my 203 cams for some 211's which is somewhat along the lines of swapping a 26 for a 37. I like the 211's better personally.

    I think the 203's that come with the kit should be just fine, if your not getting any head work or planning to switch out pistons.
  3. Tosoc

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    You may want to look at the Head Quarters website.
    I have been doing some research and have found some good things about their cams and other products. I am getting either the HQ tc 500 or the 0034.
    Hope that helps!
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    Purchase a set of cylinders (H-D # 16546-99 $299), a set of the big bore flat pistons (H-D #22851-99A $174.95) and the SE 204 Cam kit $269.95)
    For $743 plus about 6 hrs labor you'll be fine.

    I say use the 204 vs the 203 cams as the 204's close 2 degrees sooner wich may give more torque at a lower speed. We usually use the 204's in all our installs. I think you'll be quite happy!
    With a set of Rush 1.75 (#15301-175) slip ons and a H-D race tuner, you definately good to go!