Cam plate/tuner ???

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  1. stray dog

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    I have a 03 FLHRI with K & N air filter and Python slip on's with 31K mi.

    Just got the cam chest apart New Years Eve Day. The rear shoe was grooved on the far end about 1/8". Dodged a bullet here I think. I had checked them about 3 or 4 years ago at 15K and figured 30K was my next
    inspect. :newsmile047:
    My pinion shaft runout is .0026/.0027 so after much soul searching and checking the couch for spare change I decided to go gear drive and have on order : Andrews 21G cams/gear kit/gear install kit
    S & S Quickie pushrod kit/33-5350 lifters
    all tools to do except I will wait on the cam/bearing press tool

    The good ol' days of the Herko Kit are gone.....I've got about $1,074 so far still needing various o-rings and gaskets.

    I'm on the fence about getting the 25284-11 SE camplate and oil pump kit or just using my stock plate/pump....HELP WANTED...
    ..:small3d023: :small3d023: I'm driving myself crazy with this.

    Also- do I really need a tuner here also?
  2. Bodeen

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    Its not my money so its easy to say, get the upgraded plate and pump. For no other reason than pumping more oil. Your already in there, just do it. My .02
  3. stray dog

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    Bodeen, thanks for the reply and a push closer to the edge of the cliff!

    I wouldn't be doing any of this now if it wasn't for the cam chain tensioner problem. I was happy with the bike as is. The "as long as your in there" thing is getting expensive and I dont even know if I need undersize/oversize gears yet with the gear drive route I've taken.

    I started this thread because I've got many many hours investigating what parts I need/want compared to wrenching time and I'm just about ready for a straight jacket. I'm asking parts/service people questions they don't know or won't answer.

    Does anyone know if the newer oil pump #26037-06 will bolt on to my '03
    cam plate? Are the oil passages in the old plate different than the newer plates?

    I know this thread started as a type of loaded question, asking questions I kinda knew already. So...I think I'm leaning to SE 25284-11 upgrade kit which even though I'm not using the tensioners is still the cheapest route to get a nice billet cam plate & the upgraded oil pump. Also leaning to the Doebeck-
    GEN 3.5 EJK.
    Even tho I won't be able to get the bike out for months here in WI, I seem to have this desparate need to get all these parts in hand!

    ANY suggestions/opinions are welcome and thanks in advance.:bigsmiley6:
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Harley Davidson Forums as a member here you will get a discount, as far as the oil pump and cam plate for the money I would throw it at the S E JMO
  5. dolt

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    I have been running gear drive cams in the OEM cam plate in my 95" Deuce since the motor had 5K miles on it; now has 27K miles. My runout was similar to yours and I get a light "whine" from the gears but, to be honest, the gears make less noise than the OEM chain setup.

    The 26037-06 pump will not bolt up to an early cam plate; the early pump to plate seal is made with an o-ring and the later pump to plate seal is metal to metal. While it is true that the later pump offers improved scavenging and higher capacity and the billet plate is a really nice piece of hardware, if you are fighting a budget, run the OEM plate and install the Axtell pressure relief bypass system in the OEM cam plate. The TC oiling system is all about flow and volume, not pressure; the motor will not know the difference. JMHO.

    Home :: Axtell Oil bypass system

    And yes, you do need a tuner and the Dobeck unit you have chosen will get the job done.
  6. TQuentin1

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    As you pointed out above, you do not even know if you need the over/under sized gears for the gear drive until you assemble and measure. That may already require some additional cost/time delay in the project. If you find you need to order the different gears, that will be the time to flip the coin on the up-grade for the plate and pump.


  7. stray dog

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    Thanks for the replies, appreciated!

    This wasn't so much as a budget problem but trying to keep this project in perspective. I really wanted the updated oil pump, so thanks to Bodeen & Jack for their crowbar to my wallet, I've puchased the SE 25284-11 kit. I'm also going to get the Doebeck GEN 3.5 EJK tuner soon (for $205 it's a good deal). After the tuner I'll have about $1825 into it with alot of shopping around. The gear route wasn't the cheapest way to go obviously but I'm happy with my decisions and am glad to have my kit spec'd out now.

    I'm still waiting on parts to arrive and will need to make time for wrenching but will keep this thread updated from time to time. Maybe I'll make a list of my kit here but I will wait to make sure its all good 1st.

    stray dog

    PS TQ hope all is going good!
  8. dolt

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    Assume you have change your cam order from 21G to TW21?

    Also, a bit caveman but before I started doing cam upgrades for friends and family, I used the blind hole puller available from AutoZone to remove the inner cam bearings and an old cam to "drive" them in. Freeze the bearings overnight, liberally apply assembly lube to bearing cage and boss and they will tap right in.

    The outer bearings, if heated in an oven and cams in the freezer over night, will usuall drop right on the cams. Sometimes they need a bit of help which you can do by using a piece of PVC pipe or a small flat punch; light tapping to the inner race will seat them.

    Then heat the cam plate in an oven and freeze the cam/bearing assembly and they will drop into the cam plate in the blink of an eye; just be sure you have the dots lined up when you drop them in.

    Like I said, a bit caveman but there are cheap work arounds to buying toos that you only need once.:D
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    It did. Thanks Al and Dolt. I just started the teardown on the old Ultra and both of your suggestions will be helpful when it goes back together.