cam installer/remover tool ?

Discussion in 'Parts Wanted' started by hdbocephus, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. hdbocephus

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    I will be doing a Cam change on my 2010 Ultra in a few weeks and I would like to trade or barter or purchase a cam installer/remover tool if possible. So if you have a cam installer/remover tool laying around collecting dust that you no longer need and can part with it I would be much obliged .. I can be contacted on here through pm Thx in advance .. If you want to trade .. Let me know what kind of items you require !!
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  2. dbmg

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    Check with a local auto parts store and you maybe able to rent on.
  3. TQuentin1

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  4. coopernicus

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    you can get one on amazon for 104.00. it is made by heartland and has very good reviews....both remover and installer. Just make sure you order the one for "newer" twin cam.
  5. glazier

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    I bought a brand new set several years ago off ebay. less than half of what harley wants for theirs worked great and was well made. then sold it to a member of this forum for about half of what I paid. didn't want to spend the $300 for the harley tool for a one time use. check out ebay. use it, then re-sell it.
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    Check here Gentleman. Good price for a good tool.

    Harley Davidson Tools

    Same brand as Coopernicus pointed out but straight from the Manuf.
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    I have the Heartland puller and installer as well as their wheel bearing tools. Very happy with both st a fraction of the cost of others. These are not a complex design and made from mild to medium carbon steel.
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    Thanks fellows for the posts .. I've already done the home work on who has the cheapest on the web. The local auto parts stores in the area doesn't have anything close to what is needed to remove or install the bearings .I know I need the set for the 168 bearings and not the 148 bearings.. I been working on and riding bikes for around 40yrs now. Not trying to sound over confidant .. Just looking for a cheap basement deal or trade !!! Seeing how I will only use it once or twice ... then resale or trade it back to someone.. Thx again